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Double G has positioned himself to move his career to the next level. Teasing the culture with snippets of fire to come, a track here, a feature there; now he's unloading both barrels of musical heat. With brewing fan bases in the states and abroad, Double G states, "This is my year! I'ma give the people what they been lookin' for. I been writing and recording and now I'm gonna show up and put on something crazy!"

Double G

The Flatbush, Brooklyn native was born somewhere around the turn of the 21 Century to Caribbean parents, creating a gumbo palette of musical influences to pull from. As one of eight mouths to feed, Double G is a team player, but knows when it's his turn. Eight seems like the magic number, it was the age he spit his first verse. For all of his adolescence and most of his teenage years, rapp was a hobby. It was at the age of twenty he got serious and embarked in a bonafide career. Meek, Drake, 50 are just a few of the artist that fed his lyrical imagination and allowed him to see possibilities for his own ambitions. 

When asked about what lane his music is in Double G states, "What inspires me is always in the moment, it that dictates what I create---and the box others place my music in. At the end of day I'm just making music. My creativity is too big to be put in a box. I'm young, but sometime I feel like I'm an old soul. I've seen and experienced a lot. Those influences show up in the music, you heard? Women in my life, women in general, drama in my hood, drama in the world, being a black man in America, life in general inspires my creativity, but basically I'm rapping about the direction I'm moving in, how I'm moving drama out my way. You feel me, hopes, dreams and the progresses I'm having in this game. I'm looking to work with others who have that positive energy so we can give that fire to the culture. You know, kicking that real shit listeners wanna hear. Word!"


Double G's deep, sonorous voice provides vivid lyrical detail and testimony to the the stories he shares in his music. In a life continually revealing metaphors, Double G's artistry that is organic, as life reveals its ever changing contours.

Double G's determination and artistic fire has him knocking down barriers that would park a lesser rapper. The last year has seen Double G go on tour with Sleepy Hollow, video shoots, meeting and becoming contemporaries with other major players in the industry have affirmed his ambitions. He recently had opportunity to be a guest on New York City's vaunted Hot 97, a dream realized and bench mark for any rapper serious about his career. And let's not forget those YouTube videos that have garnered millions of views.


Nothing stands in the way of the mike and his growing audience of supporters hungry for Double G's provocative bars resonating from the studio to stage. 


With new opportunities and an endless well of creativity, Double G is poised to do BIG THINGS. Double G says he knows the streets are watching and reports being ready and fully loaded.


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