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Passport General

When it comes to working in the music industry, a competitive nature, natural creative flair and a continuous ability to outdo yourself are essential traits of any successful recording artist - and Passport General possesses all three and more. With a tenacious approach to his work and a keen eye for detail, he has consistently proven that he has what it takes to succeed in the game.

Real name Don Q Gorham, the 30 year-old hip hop/rap artist and songwriter can trace his musical ability back to fourth grade when he first joined the band. Based in Lindenhurst, NY, Passport General has now secured his place as one of the iconic faces of Long Island.


His music is alive with an effortless flow that immediately engages the listener and unapologetically draws you in to exactly what he is experiencing in that moment. Passport General’s career has subsequently seen him achieve radio play on 105.1 as well as working with the likes of Uncle Murda and Lil Durk.

His natural ability to compete with the best and become better each and every day has led to a number of opportunities and achievements, including putting together an event that raised $6000 for charity as well as a feature with Def Jams/OTF Lil Durk.

This innate desire for greatness combined with an ear for rhythm are what inspires Passport General when creating music that makes an impact on people. Writing his own original rap songs with confidence and authenticity, his mixtape “King of Long Island” (KOLI) has launched him into the spotlight and made fans proud to claim Long Island as their hometown.

In the studio, he immerses himself in his work and lets the words flow from whatever emotional standpoint he is at in the moment.

Combining undeniable skill, infectious beats and always a touch of creative playfulness, Passport General allows for growth and experiment in every music project he undertakes. As a result, his original songs have only improved with each release and his music is set to only evolve further.

Passport General now has his sights set on global renown. There is nothing holding him back from becoming one of the biggest artists in the game, and with a strong local fan base supporting his music and championing him as an artist, we can expect exciting things from him going forward.

Above all, he has tapped into the key areas of success and shaped his craft in a way that allows him to constantly develop his talent. With the knowledge that determination, hard graft and the courage to push boundaries can be the difference between an average artist and a great one, Passport General continues to impress crowds and connect with his listeners on every level. The coming year will see him further establish himself as a player in the game and maintain a firm hold of his crown as the “King of Long Island”.

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