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"you should work with or across the grain...but never against"--Webster's Unabridged Dictionary


GRAIN MUSIC, LLC stands out from the crowd for our unique tastes and undeniable eye for real talent. Collectively our team has over 30 years of music industry experience. We help our artists keep or even elevate the quality of their projects. We have a streamlined process with a team that is rooted in pushing for success. This allows our artists to create and brand their music as they are guided by our expertise and one-stop-shop services. 


There are few things we enjoy more than seeing our artists through their musical journey and helping them achieve greatness! Our goal is to raise up, illuminate, and showcase the best and the brightest in the competitive and complex entertainment industry. With this in mind, GRAIN MUSIC, LLC will always push the envelope of possibility and inclusion in all our endeavors.


They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for GRAIN MUSIC, LLC. Our vision is to always be the machine behind the artist so pushing for their freedom to express with significance of sound and authentic style.  

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